Criminal Law

Mr. Brenneisen is specialized lawyer for criminal law (Fachanwalt für Strafrecht). This title is granted on application by the respective Bar Association and serves as a proof of particular expertise and practical experience (Article 43 c Section 1 German Federal Lawyers’ Act / BRAO)

Preliminary criminal proceedings often create a severe burden for the persons affected. Apart from an impending sanction in the form of imprisonment or monetary fine the loss of job, residence title, financial collapse, driving ban or entries in the Police Clearance Certificate may add to this. Additional possible stressing interference with personal rights arise from searches of habitation or wiretapping measures.

Without legal support affected persons run the risk of not fully exercising their rights to defence under the pressure of criminal proceedings. Thus the probability of a conviction and the risk to be imposed to an increased penalty increases. Instead a well-considered approach is advisable, which starts already with the first interrogation and exercising the right to remain silent.

Mr. Brenneisen acts throughout Germany as defence counsel in police investigation procedings and in all judicial instances. Specific areas herein are

  • Drug Criminal Law
  • Offence Involving Crime against Property
  • Breaches of the Immigration Law
  • Extradition
  • European Warrant of Arrest
  • Pretrial Custody
  • Execution of a Custodial Sentence