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Immigration and visa as a tradition in Hamburg harbor
Immigration and visa as a tradition in Hamburg harbor

Immigration law, visas & skilled labor migration – European or German immigration law offers numerous opportunities for companies to hire foreign skilled workers. There are special regulations on immigration and visa service for graduates of foreign or domestic universities, company specialists, managing directors, executives, shareholders and for certain professions (“MINT”) such as IT and engineering.

Immigration and visa service for foreigners and skilled migration – for companies in other EU countries there is the possibility to send executives, specialists and trainees to Germany by way of intra-company transfer.
For qualification in Germany there is the possibility to apply for a visa for a language course and studies. The cities of Hamburg and Berlin offer regulations to facilitate the granting of visas to artists.
At first glance, the legal regulations are not always clear and, depending on the desired work visa, various agencies – embassy, foreigners’ authority, employment agency, professional associations, etc. – may be involved. A successful procedure regarding a residence permit or Blue Card – EU usually starts with the right job profile.
There are far-reaching consequences attached to a right of residence. Depending on the status, there is a right to self-employment, family reunification, integration course, social benefits and mobility within Germany or the European Union.
In the area of humanitarian residence, rights can arise through recognition as a person entitled to asylum or as a refugee under the Geneva Refugee Convention, prohibitions on deportation or through a longer period of prior residence and integration.
In addition, there are other special features that depend on citizenship.
Mr. Brenneisen specializes in Immigration and visa service as well as questions of alien’s law and is also a lecturer in this field (see Vocational Trainings) and represents and advises on the following topics:

  • Right of residence
  • employment permit
  • naturalization
  • EU Blue Card
  • Free movement of EU citizens and family members
  • Family reunification
  • Naturalization
  • Student Visas
  • Artist Visas
  • Visas for self-employed persons and company founders

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