Naturalization & Dual Citizenship

The possibilities of naturalization and re-naturalization in Germany were made easier. Descendants of German mothers were finally given equal status to those of German fathers. Descendants of Jewish victims of the Nazi regime who had lost their German citizenship, for example, by fleeing and adopting another citizenship, were also given better legal consideration.

In all cases of naturalization based on German ancestor, it is important to prove the ancestry by documents. As a rule, it is required that the previous nationality be renounced with naturalization in Germany. If there is no legal exception (for example, in the case of most EU countries or descendants of Jewish persecutees), an application can be made accepting multiple nationality. Economic reasons, but also other personal circumstances, play a role. Dual citizenship can also be considered if a German wants to take on another citizenship. Through citicenship in another state, German citizenship is usually lost if one does not apply to retain German citizenship. Again, economic disadvantages play a prominent role in the argumentation for dual citizenship.
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